The Dream of Living in Florida


The Dream of Living in Florida – Living in Florida is the dream of many Brazilians. The moderate climate, natural beauty, quality of services, the great quantity and variety of family diversions, shopping malls, public safety, ease of communication between locals and foreigners that arrive here are some of the reasons that this American state is preferred for investment in real estate.

Each tourist season the brazilians that come to visit discover a new angle, a picturesque city, a charming restaurant, and so leisure options are multiplied and being incorporated into the day-to-day of Floridians.

With the strengthening of their economy, many Brazilians are being afforded the chance of making this dream a reality. The possibilities of investment are many and vary between the purchase of a vacation home or apartment up to big waterfront mansions on one of Florida’s numerous lakes or huge apartments with the great ocean views.

And the moment couldn’t be better. Prices are within the reach of each level of investment, seeing that there is a great variety of properties available. Bank loan rates have never been so low for those that wish to finance the purchase and, besides that, there are no state taxes, making Florida attractive for business ventures.

The American government, recognizing the potential of the Brazilian tourist and investor, is working to include Brazil in the list of 36 countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter.


In 2011 alone Brazilian tourists spent $1.6 billion Dollars in Florida. In 2010, Brazilians purchased 9% of real estate sold to foreigners in the Miami area, losing only to Canadians and Venezuelans. In that same year, Brazilians were the tourists that spent the most on hotels, restaurants, entertainment and shopping, and average of $2,053 per person. Canadians, in a distant second place, spent on average $1,432.

With all this potential, Brazilian real estate offices are creating an international branch here in Florida for Brazilians that wish to invest here.

However, one of the greatest advantages of investing in real estate in Florida is that many of the existing real estate offices are not just “one more office”. Their employees and agents, recognizing the economic potential of Brazilians, have invested in a differentiated treatment, a “Boutique” approach towards their clients, increasing the range of services offered. The vast majority have Portuguese-speaking employees and agents, besides those who strive to communicate in “Portunhol” (a mix of Portuguese and spanish).


They understand that, in dealing with a second home, the client requires someone who is invested in caring for their property, seeing that they are not present 100% of the time. The peace afforded by someone who can manage the property has no price, mainly in times where peace is a luxury item for the majority of Brazilians nowadays.

Thus, it is essential that responsible and competent professionals are found when it comes time to make this dream come true.


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