Incentives for Opening Businesses in Florida


Incentives for Opening Businesses in Florida – The Brazilian community in Florida is one of the most productive of the foreign communities in the United states, and thus much respected. Brazilians coming from all parts of their country contribute with their work values and ethics for the continued grandeur of this wonderful country, the United States of America. A land of opportunities where all are helped independently of their ethnic or religious origins.

In this article, we will speak concretely about how small Brazilian community businesses can be helped in Florida. Few People know, but there is an important institute that sponsors businesses in this sunny state.

We are speaking of the SSBCI, an acronym for State Small Business Credit Initiative. Created in 2010, it is an efficient tool for the financing of small businesses, defined as those having less than 500 employees. In this program there are financing options that range from a minimum of Us$ 1 up to Us$ 5 million, destined for industrial endeavors.

There is also a second program that may lend itself to businesses with Brazilian ownership in Florida that is known as the loan guarantee Program and the loan Participation Program. With this program, the governmental agency can finance up to 20% of a certain project. The amount of this financing varies between Us$ 250,000 and Us$ 500,000, with a repayment schedule of up to 5 years with negotiable interest rates.

Finally, there is an interesting program for exports. If your company exports any product, you may qualify for a loan through the Export loan Program of up to Us$ 500,000 with a maximum payback schedule of 12 months and also negotiable interest rates.

Our office is ready to assist you with the process for obtaining these loans, elaborating the necessary documents, including all applications for said loans.

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