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Orlando Shopping Rivals Theme Parks in Popularity – Orlando, the city beautiful. When Disney came to Orlando in the 1960’s, our city was transformed from an area known for orange trees and scrub to one of the most popular destinations in the world. Over the last fifty years, we have embraced the moniker “THEME PARK CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”. Recently, within the last decade, Orlando has transformed again and is being heralded  for the shopping prowess and the obvious dedication to welcome in international travelers.

Orlando sports four major shopping centers that all add their unique style and blend of stores to fill any palate. The Florida Mall (Located at 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail) houses several stores indoors anchored by some of the largest name brands like Macy’s, Sears, Dillard’s, JcPenneys, and Saks. The Premium Outlet (Located on both ends of International Drive) boasts two outdoor malls that cater to the outlets shoppers. The Millenia Mall (Located 4200 Conway Road) features a more upscale approach and boutique style shopping.

Every mall in Orlando caters to the international and domestic traveler with their concierge services, maps and coupon booklets, language services, and money exchange centers. Several employees in many of the stores you will find now speak Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages to better facilitate the needs of the consumers.

Even individual stores are finding ways to bring in international customers by working directly with tourism companies and operators as well as FITS. (Foreign individual Travelers). The sports authority (881 sandlake road) offers coupons, incentives, and transportation packages for groups and individuals. CompUSA (7802 south OBT) offers incentives and coupons and programs tailor made in Portuguese to help those set up computers back home as well as tablets, cameras, and all other electronic needs. Macy’s (Florida Mall, Millenia Mall) offers special discounts and programs as well for operators.

The point is, american companies are beginning to search outside-of-the- box to develop sales. Harnessing the power of the tourism industry is one way to not only help stimulate our economy, but also build bridges overseas. Possibly one day, we might see a sports authority open in Sao Paulo, Brazil as an example. It is imperative that measures are taken to broaden the landscape and understand we all need each other. Right now, Brazil is the flavor of the year. The 2014 World cup is coming, the olympics, new trade agreements, etc….Brazil is riding a tidal wave of good fortune, and America could use a little good fortune right now. Argentina is showing up in huge numbers in the Orlando area too.

It’s not always going to be like this. all demographics overseas are important. The cycles just changes every five or six years. Not too long ago, England was the top producer in orlando along with Canada. Japan used to be more powerful in these areas too but a Tsunami and economic changes have altered their production. It is always cyclical.

Orlando is no longer known as just the destination for going to theme parks. Tour operators and travel agencies are searching for ways to include shopping days on their itineraries. It is a requirement now. Shopping has become a part of every trip, and will continue to grow in importance.

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