Monica Garcia The Brazilian Taekwondo Star


Monica Garcia The Brazilian Taekwondo Star – 41-year-old Monica Garcia is originally from São Paulo. She migrated from Brazil to Orlando with her family just over a year ago. In an interview to our magazine, she tells us how it felt to win the 2011 Taekwondo World Championship. Monica is an example of stamina and determination and the Brazilian community in Florida is very proud of her.

What did winning the 2011 World Taekwondo Championship mean to you? the World championship showed me i was capable and all i needed was to believe in myself. It was the result of all my training, hard work and perseverance. Making it to there, winning and seeing that it all paid off was unspeakable! after the competition, comes a sense of accomplishment and happiness. I can’t explain the feeling. It is so exciting to see that all my efforts were rewarded! thinking about my training and seeing “it was worth it” is even better. By winning this title, i’ve grown up; not only as a taekwondo practitioner but also as an individual. I realized that you have to pursue your dream and – most importantly – trust yourself. Believe that you can. And I take it to life now.

How did you train for this competition?

I think practice is cumulative, each day makes a difference. As soon as i returned from the pan-american the previous year I was already thinking about the World championship. I began to believe more in myself. I trained every day, thinking about my goal, because I was willing to do anything to achieve it.

What were you thinking before and during the competition?

I was very focused. The experience of the Pan-American championship was very helpful. All I could think of was that I could win if I did my best. I have no words to describe my efforts and my thirst for victory. I simply can’t explain the feeling of being a world champion and seeing everybody happy for me.

What are your plans from now on?

I want to continue training hard. But above all I want to remain humble. I still have a lot to learn and to improve. No matter the age or the physical condition, within our abilities, each of us can make progress and evolve. It is amazing how many new things you learn when you engage in martial arts.

What do you think made win?

God, above all, besides all the support I received and my determination. i was determined to win and to do my best, in order to achieve my goal and overcome my own limitations. There were many times during my training when I thought of my goal and drew strength from where there was no more. The training was heavy! When I thought that I’d gone through the toughest day the next one was even worse. I had to stand the muscle pain, the bruising all over my body and the weariness. There were many obstacles, but the will to win was greater.

What did your family mean to you during this process?

My family was very important. They all kept saying they believed in me and they knew that all my efforts would be rewarded. Who supported me the most was my husband. My kids were with me all the time, at all events. This was extremely important. It was crucial for me!

As an athlete, what message would you like to send to the Orlando Green and Yellow readers?

“Success is born of will, obstinacy and persistence. Even if you don’t reach your target, you will do wonderful things if you insist and overcome your obstacles”.


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